Volvo Stamford
We manufacture Volvo with Stamford gensets ranging from 80kVA – 630kVA 50Hz and 88kVA – 680kVA 60Hz. All the Volvo engines used in our gensets are manufactured in Europe. The Stamford alternators are manufactured in either the UK or EU.
All gensets are supplied complete with DSE7120/DSE7320 control panel, battery charger, appropriately sized ABB circuit breaker, steel welded baseframe with minimum 8 hour fuel tank, AVMs, batteries, silencers, flex and all other standard accessories so that your genset is ready for use. All that you need to add is fuel, oil and coolant.
To maintain a controlled working temperature in cylinders and combustion chambers, the engine is equipped with piston cooling. The engine is also fitted with replaceable cylinder liners and valve seats/guides to ensure maximum durability and service life of the engine.
The state of the art, high-tech injection and charging system with low internal losses contributes to excellent combustion and low fuel consumption.
Easily accessible service and maintenance points contribute to the ease of service of the engine.


Prime Power Engine Alternator DSE panel Canopy
80 kva TAD530GE UCI224G DSE7120 W100BL
100 kva TAD531GE UCI274C DSE7120 W100BL
129 kva TAD532GE UCI274E DSE7120 W100BL
150 kva TAD731GE UCI274F DSE7120 W200BL
180 kva TAD732GE UCI274G DSE7120 W200BL
200 kva TAD733GE UCI274H DSE7120 W200BL
250 kva TAD734GE UCDI274K DSE7120 W200BL
300 kva TAD1341GE S4L1D-D DSE7320 W300LBL
350 kva TAD1342GE S4L1D-E DSE7320 W300LBL
375 kva TAD1343GE S4L1D-F DSE7320 W300LBL
400 kva TAD1344GE S4L1D-F DSE7320 W300LBL
450 kva TAD1345GE S4L1D-G DSE7320 W300LBL
500 kva TAD1641GE HCI544C DSE7320 W600BL
590 kva TAD1642GE HCI544E DSE7320 W600BL
660 kva TWD1644GE HCI544F DSE7320 W600BL



Prime Power Engine Alternator DSE panel Canopy
88 kVA TAD530GE UCI224F DSE7120 W100BL
100 kVA TAD531GE UCI274C DSE7120 W100BL
125 kVA TAD532GE UCI274D DSE7120 W100BL
160 kVA TAD731GE UCI274E DSE7120 W200BL
206 kVA TAD732GE UCI274G DSE7120 W200BL
228 kVA TAD733GE UCI274H DSE7120 W200BL
245 kVA TAD734GE UCI274H DSE7120 W200BL
340 kVA TAD1341GE S4L1D-D DSE7320 W300LBL
400 kVA TAD1342GE S4L1D-E DSE7320 W300LBL
410 kVA TAD1343GE S4L1D-E DSE7320 W300LBL
455 kVA TAD1344GE S4L1D-E DSE7320 W300LBL
500 kVA TAD1640GE S4L1D-F DSE7320 W600BL
570 kVA TAD1641GE HCI544C DSE7320 W600BL
625 kVA TAD1642GE HCI544D DSE7320 W600BL
680 kVA TWD1644GE HCI544E DSE7320 W600BL