Cummins Stamford
We manufacture Cummins with Stamford gensets ranging from 20kVA – 2,000kVA 50Hz and 20kVA – 2,250kVA 60Hz. Cummins engines are manufactured in numerous locations and it would be best to request the country of origin at time of enquiry. The Stamford alternators are manufactured in the UK or EU except for the S0 and S1 range which are made in India.
All of our gensets are supplied complete with DSE7120/DSE7320 control panel, battery charger, appropriately sized ABB circuit breaker, steel welded baseframe with minimum 8 hour fuel tank, AVMs, batteries, silencers, flex and all other standard accessories so that your genset is ready for use. All that you need to add is fuel, oil and coolant.


Prime Power Engine Alternator Control Panel Canopy
20 kva X2.5G2 S0L2-G DSE 7120 W30BL
25 kva X2.5G2 S0L2-M DSE 7120 W30BL
30 kva X3.3G1 S0L2-P DSE 7120 W30BL
40 kva S3.8G4 S1L2-K DSE 7120 W50BL
50 kva S3.8G6 UCI224D DSE 7120 W80BL
60kva S3.8G7 UCI224E DSE 7120 W80BL
100 kva 6BTA5.9G5 UCI274C DSE 7120 W100BL
125 kva 6BTAA5.9G5 UCI274E DSE 7120 W100BL
150 kva 6BTAA5.9G5 UCI274F DSE 7120 W100BL
180 kva QSB7G4 UCI274G DSE 7120 W200BL
200 kva QSB7G5 UCI274H DSE 7120 W200BL
250 kva QSL9-G3 UCDI274K DSE 7120 W300BL
300 kva QSL9-G5 S4L1D-D DSE7320 W300BL
350 kva NTA855G4 S4L1D-E DSE7320 W300LBL
400 kva QSX15G4 S4L1D-F DSE7320 W300LBL
450 kva QSX15G6 S4L1D-G DSE7320 W300LBL
500 kva QSX15G8 HCI544C DSE7320 W300LBL
600 kva VTA28G5 HCI544E DSE7320 W600BL
800 kva QSK23G3 HCI634G DSE7320 20′ Container
900 kva KTA38G3 HCI634H DSE7320 20′ Container
1000 kva KTA38G5 HCI634J DSE7320 20′ Container
1250 kva KTA50G3 PI734A DSE7320 40′ Container
1400 kva KTA50G8 PI734B DSE7320 40′ Container
1500 kva QSK50G4 PI734C DSE7320 Special
1850 kva QSK60G3 PI734E DSE7320 Special
2000 kva QSK60G4 PI734F DSE7320 Special



Prime Power Engine Alternator Control Panel Canopy
20 kVA X2.5G4 S0L2-F DSE 7120 W30BL
40 kVA X3.3G2 S1L2-J DSE 7120 W30BL
45 kVA S3.8G8 S1L2-K DSE 7120 W50BL
52 kVA S3.8G9 S1L2-N DSE 7120 W50BL
67 kVA S3.8G10 UCI224E DSE 7120 W80BL
125 kVA 6BT5.9G6 UCI274D DSE 7120 W100BL
150 kVA 6BTA5.9G6 UCI274E DSE 7120 W100BL
165 kVA QSB7G3 UCI274E DSE 7120 W100BL
200 kVA QSB7G4 UCI274G DSE 7120 W100BL
218 kVA QSB7G5 UCI274G DSE 7120 W200BL
245 kVA QSL9-G2 UCI274H DSE 7120 W300BL
300 kVA QSL9-G4 UCDI274J DSE7320 W300BL
340 kVA QSL9-G5 S4L1D-D DSE7320 W300BL
398 kVA NTA855G3 S4L1D-E DSE7320 W300LBL
445 kVA QSX15G4 S4L1D-E DSE7320 W300LBL
450 kVA QSX15G6 S4L1D-E DSE7320 W300LBL
500 kVA QSX15G7 S4L1D-F DSE7320 W300LBL
680 kVA VTA28G5 HCI544E DSE7320 W600BL
739 kVA QSK23G5 HCI544F DSE7320 20′ Container
900 kVA QSK23G6 HCI634G DSE7320 20′ Container
1000 kVA KTA38G3 HCI634H DSE7320 20′ Container
1200 kVA KTA38G4 HCI634J DSE7320 20′ Container
1400 kVA KTA50G3 PI734A DSE7320 40′ Container
1600 kVA KTA50G9 PI734B DSE7320 40′ Container
1800 kVA QSK50G6 PI734C DSE7320 Special
2250 kVA QSK60G6 PI734F DSE7320 Special