MTU Mecc Alte
We manufacture MTU with Mecc Allte gensets ranging from 250kVA – 3,000kVA for 50Hz and 300kVA – 3,500kVA 60Hz. All the MTU engines used in our gensets are manufactured in Germany. The Mecc Alte alternators within this range are manufactured primarily in the UK but the large capacity models are made in Italy.
All gensets are supplied complete with DSE7220 control panel, battery charger, appropriately sized ABB circuit breaker, steel welded baseframe with minimum 8 hour fuel tank, AVMs, batteries, silencers, flex and all other standard accessories so that your genset is ready for use. All that you need to add is fuel, oil and coolant.


Prime Power Engine Alternator DSE panel Canopy
250 kva 6V1600G10F ECO38-1L DSE7220 W300BL
300 kva 6V1600G20F ECO38-2L DSE7220 W300BL
350 kva 8V1600G10F ECO38-3L DSE7220 W300LBL
400 kva 8V1600G20F ECO40-1S DSE7220 W300LBL
450 kva 10V1600G10F ECO40-2S DSE7220 W300LBL
500 kva 10V1600G20F ECO40-3S DSE7220 W300LBL
590 kva 12V1600G10F ECO40-1.5L DSE7220 W600BL
650 kva 12V1600G20F ECO40-2L DSE7220 W600BL
750 kva 12V2000G16F ECO40-VL DSE7220 20′ Container
800 kva 12V2000G26F ECO43-1S DSE7220 20′ Container
900 kva 16V2000G16F ECO43-2S DSE7220 20′ Container
1000 kva 16V2000G26F ECO43-1L DSE7220 20′ Container
1250 kva 18V2000G26F ECO43-2L DSE7220 20′ Container
1350 kva 12V4000G23R ECO43-VL DSE7220 40′ Container
1500 kva 12V4000G23 ECO46-1S DSE7220 40′ Container
1600   kva 12V4000G23 ECO46-2S DSE7220 40′ Container
1800 kva 12V4000G63 ECO46-1L DSE7220 40′ Container
2000 kva 16V4000G23 ECO46-1L DSE7220 Special
2250 kva 16V4000G63 ECO46-1.5L DSE7220 Special
2500 kva 20V4000G23 ECO46-2L DSE7220 Special
3000 kva 20V4000G63L ECO48 M DSE7220 Special



Prime Power Engine Alternator DSE panel Canopy
300 kva 6R1600G10S ECO38-1L DSE7220 W300BL
344 kva 6R1600G20S ECO38-2L DSE7220 W300BL
413 kva 8V1600G10S ECO38-3L DSE7220 W300LBL
456 kva 8V1600G20S ECO40-1S DSE7220 W300LBL
519 kva 10V1600G10S ECO40-2S DSE7220 W300LBL
563 kva 10V1600G20S ECO40-3S DSE7220 W300LBL
625 kva 12V1600G10S ECO40-1L DSE7220 W600BL
688 kva 12V1600G20S ECO40-1.5L DSE7220 W600BL
800 kva 12V2000G45 ECO40-2L DSE7220 20′ Container
900 kva 12V2000G85 ECO43-VL DSE7220 20′ Container
1038 kva 16V2000G45 ECO43-2S DSE7220 20′ Container
1156 kva 16V2000G85 ECO43-1L DSE7220 20′ Container
1375 kva 18V2000G85 ECO43-2L DSE7220 20′ Container
1700 kva 12V4000G43 ECO43-VL DSE7220 40′ Container
2000   kva 12V4000G83 ECO46-2S DSE7220 40′ Container
2313 kva 16V4000G43 ECO46-1L DSE7220 40′ Container
2625 kva 16V4000G83 ECO46-1.5L DSE7220 40′ Container
2875 kva 20V4000G43 ECO46-2L DSE7220 Special
3000 kva 20V4000G83 ECO46-2L DSE7220 Special
3500 kva 20V4000G83L ECO48-M DSE7220 Special